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Vets on the Balkans celebrated their 3rd Anniversary on 24th May, 2018. The celebration was part of the 2018 Annual Congress of the Romanian Society of Feline Medicine, in Bucharest.

Vets on the Balkans is an online veterinary journal. The team has a goal to connect the veterinarians from the Balkans, to help them share their knowledge and experience, to improve cooperation and ultimately to elevate the standard of veterinary care in the region.

Luba Gangeva, founder of Vets on the Balkans is deeply convinced that we can all improve through cooperation. The motto of the journal is “Sharing is Caring”.




Luba is also the recipient of WSAVA Hill’s next generation award in 2017, for her contribution to the veterinary profession through Vets on the Balkans!

Luba graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Forestry University in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2011. She also holds a Masters Degree in Infectious Diseases from the Trakia University, Bulgaria. Two years ago she moved to Bucharest in Romania. In 2015 she launched Vets on The Balkans –

The journal very soon became greatly popular: 9,000 unique visitors and 12,000 visits in the first year from launch. More than 90 cases have been presented so far in the journal at a high professional level.

The journal is a media partner of EERVC ( Eastern European Veterinary Conference), SRDV (Romanian Veterinary Dermatology Society), SRMF ( Romanian Society of Feline Medicine), AMVAC/ RoSAVA (Romanian Small Animal Association), TSAVA ( Turkish Small Animal Association), CSAS Croatian Small Animal Section, RoVECCS (Romanian veterinary and critical care association), Romanian Association of Ophthalmology and SAVAB (Belgian Small Animal Veterinary Association)

In 2017, Luba started a new project named “Travel and Learn with Vets on The Balkans”. The project aims at supporting the veterinarians from the Balkans in upgrading their knowledge and experience in veterinary medicine. Through the program they have the opportunity to visit and practice in different clinics across different countries.

For more information about Luba’s inspiring work, visit

Congratulations Luba Gangeva for your great work and your contibution to the veterinary profession!









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