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We can sometimes focus too much on what we believe is wrong and missing from our lives, forgetting all the wonderful things that we should feel grateful for: our loved ones for instance or our health and education.

I used to be prone to indulging negative thoughts which seemed to magnify the difficulties and attract more problems into my life until a few years ago when I attended a seminar on Happiness.

I had just ended a relationship and I was utterly miserable at the time. The instructor asked us to create our personal gratitude list and include all the things we felt grateful for in our lives. My list was very short and poor.

I didn’t think I had a lot of good in my life. After all I had so much to be unhappy about, didn’t I? But when others shared their lists I was dumbfounded. They felt grateful for so many things that I took for granted: their families, their health, their job, seeing the sun from their window, listening to the singing birds, enjoying the beauty of nature, to name but a few. I left the place feeling ungrateful and ashamed.

This became a life changing experience for me. As a result I have created a new gratitude list and I read it aloud in the morning when I wish to reconnect with the feeling of gratitude. By doing this simple practice I notice an immediate shift in my mood and energy.

If you have a roof over your head, running water and electricity in your house you are better off than the vast majority of people on this planet. All positive changes start from a positive mindset, a mindset of gratitude. It is the law of attraction. What we focus on is what we attract and create in our life. Focusing on what is wrong is therefore bound to attract more negativity into our lives. Gratitude is the key that opens the channels for manifesting our dreams.


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