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– The treatment failed because the owner did not follow your recommendations

– You are not sure how to explain to the owner the importance of clinical nutrition

– Even if the pet owners initially purchase the diet you recommended they very often fail to re-purchase

– You are wondering why the owner did exactly the opposite of what you recommended, even though you gave very detailed instructions

Your four-legged patients do not walk in the Clinic on their own! They come with their owner! You know that your success as a veterinary professional depends on your ability to convince the pet owner and increase compliance!

Clear communication far outweighs cost as a driver of client retention. The level of medicine you provide will not be appreciated if you can’t make it understandable and relevant for the pet owner. It is essential to describe the value of your medicine in a manner that the pet owner can understand.

Communication in Clinical Practice was discussed in this interactive seminar that took place on March 30&31 with more than 50 participants in Nicosia and Limmasol. The seminar was organized by the Pancyprian Veterinary Association with the support of Improve International Cyprus.


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