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You are a successful veterinary professional and you have retained lots of happy clients for many years! But you may be doing nothing to make sure your future clients know about it. Have you ever thought of using your several success stories that prove that you deliver what you promise?

 Many people choose a veterinary practice based on its track record above everything else. They want to know who your patients are, what you did for them, how you served their unique needs and how you solved problems. They want to know that you are competent, reliable, trustworthy and responsive. If you are all of those things, don’t hide them! Tell your clients in your marketing materials, on your website, Facebook page, your blog or on Instagram. Don’t be afraid to ask your happy clients for testimonials. 

How can you get a good testimonial? Ask your clients to describe in their own words:

– the problem they were experiencing with their pet

– how things improved after the treatment

– the benefits they witnessed

– what they appreciated the most from their experience with your clinic

Keep the questions short and simple. It is important that questions are open ended to allow the client to describe her experience in her own words. You can edit the responses you receive to make them shorter and succinct. Finally get your clients’ approval to use this text on your social media, your notice board, your website, etc. Include “before and after” pictures and videos whenever possible.

Remember stories are powerful and there is nothing better that you can use to persuade someone.

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