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I was listening to a digital marketing expert the other day, talking about the most frequently visited page on the websites of vet professionals. Can you guess which page this is besides the homepage? No, it is not the “Services” page, or the “Contact Us” page. It is the “About Us” page! This is where you have the greatest opportunity to tell your story and connect with clients on an emotional level!

Here are 5 key elements to include in your “About Us” page that will help you  effectively connect with your clients:

  1. First and foremost, what made you decide to become a vet? Is there a story around this? Was it love for animals? Wanting to make a difference?  What fascinates you about being a vet?
  2. Clearly state your values. This will attract people who share the same values—and these are your ideal clients.
  3. Humanize yourself. Information  that proves you can offer the services you promise is crucial, but clients want to connect with the person, not just the professional.  Don’t hesitate to share photos of your pets, your hobbies and what interests you besides your work.
  4. Shine a light on your proudest professional achievements. What have you accomplished for your patients? Have you any particular models, theories or approaches? Have you written articles or books? Have you been interviewed on radio or TV? If you’re slightly or very famous, talk about that.
  5. Of course, include your education and credentials.

Remember! Your objective is to connect with your clients on an emotional level!

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