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Last week I was talking to Helen, one of my veterinary customers, about the power of emotional connection with clients.

 Helen is an exceptional veterinary professional with an impressive CV. The “About me” page on her website clearly communicates her admirable credentials obtained through long study and hard work.

But what doesn’t come through in the description on this page is Helen’s warm and engaging personality, her inspiring presence, her love and dedication to her patients, her strong values and remarkable contribution as a mother, wife, professional and active member of her local community.

Why is it important for Helen to share this information on her website? Because the most frequently visited page in the websites of vet professionals besides the homepage is the “About Me” page.

This is the page your clients visit to find out more about you! And this is where you can really connect with them.

Helen needs to share information about herself that proves not only that she can offer the services she promises, but also that she is an interesting and dynamic person. This page should also express her special interests, her values and how passionate she is about her patients and their wellbeing. When she clearly states her values she will be able to attract and connect with people that share the same values, and these are very likely her Ideal Clients!

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