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A warm welcome to my website!

I’m Elli Kalemtzaki, I’m a qualified veterinarian, and have worked in the pet nutrition industry for more than 20 years, the last nine spent with a multinational in an international marketing role.

My journey as a trainer and coach started in 2005 when in response to an impactful event in my personal life I joined a self-awareness course. It was during this 4 year course that I discovered the connecting threads between everything that was happening to me but also and most importantly, I discovered my calling.

A Veterinary Leadership course in the US in 2006 was yet another life changing experience for me. I began to see my professional role with fresh eyes and became aware of a new mission to use my knowledge and skills in supporting others to become successful.

This realization literally transformed my career. From a local position in a Greek company I moved to an international position in a multinational company.

In the last decade I have traveled extensively and have met and worked with amazing people from many different countries and cultures. I gained valuable experience in coaching and mentoring individuals, leading development workshops and training business teams in different countries across Europe.

A psychologist and coach that I met during the Veterinary Leadership Course inspired me to become a professional coach. I chose Adler International, an accredited school of coaching in Canada, and received my certification in 2010. In the same year I became a certified facilitator of Team Coaching International.

My fundamental belief is that we are all creative and resourceful beings, able to achieve the life we desire and deserve. I find the way the human brain works fascinating, and the fact that we can utilize our emotional and mental states to create our desired future absolutely thrilling. This is why I decided to add Neuro Linguistic Programming to my professional ‘tool kit’ and in 2012 I certified as a Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.

In 2013 I moved to Prague where I lived and worked until 2020. Whilst this new experience initially took me out of my comfort zone, it also helped me to gain more clarity about my mission: to help professional people uncover their unique talents and core values, and use strategies and tools to create a more fulfilling and successful life and career.

This is why in 2016 I launched Design for Life to offer coaching and training courses to working women, in order to help them enhance their personal and professional skills and be happier and more successful.

Then a year later I started out on an entirely new and independent journey. I left my corporate job to launch VetConsultancy. Combining my marketing with my coaching and training skills, my focus now is to help veterinary practice owners build their dream practice, attract more quality clients and achieve their preferred work life balance.

Women are fast becoming the majority of practicing veterinarians, in many countries already outnumbering men. The feminization of veterinary medicine has changed the veterinary profession in many ways. We do not know precisely what the future of the profession will look like, but we know we will need leaders with the sharpest skills to help guide the way. This is why in 2020 I launched Women in VetMed to support women in all areas of veterinary activity in developing their leadership skills, transforming their dreams into goals and creating the fulfilling life and career they deserve.

I hope you will find the information on this site relevant and thought provoking and begin to see new possibilities for creating the business and the life you desire!

Best wishes,
Elli Kalemtzaki

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