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Sales Mastery

“What Got you Here Won’t Get you There” – Marshal Goldsmith

Ensure your team masters a sales approach that genuinely values the customer

As a commercial director in a pet food or veterinary pharmaceutical company you are addressing a unique market:

  • • Consumers who don’t shop their own food or medication—their owners do;
  • • Shoppers who don’t consume the products they buy—their pets do;
  • • Customers who recommend, but don’t always sell—they may not stock the product or may fail to secure a sale;
  • • A variety of people in the pet store and the vet clinic you need to engage with. It is essential to educate these professionals, so they can confidently and actively promote your products to pet owners.

You may face one or several challenges:

  • • Sales teams across your region with suboptimal technical skills and diverse experience and capability across different markets;
  • • Difficulties in developing and motivating your sales teams on the ground. They may fall into routine, uninspiring patterns when conducting a sales call;
  • • Sales teams that struggle to address common customer objections. They may attribute low sales to external factors such as price competition, internet sales and economic crisis;
  • • A need to be seen by veterinary professionals as the preferred business partner and not just a manufacturer.

Your team may have become complacent. They may spend less time identifying customers’ needs and building unique business opportunities. Engaging with customers meaningfully may be a challenge.

Even the most experienced sales people sometimes operate on autopilot. They know what works for them, and stick to it. But the strategies that got you where you are not the same ones that will move you to the next stage.

What you want

- A competent and motivated sales team on the ground able to establish trust and credibility with veterinary professionals, identify customer needs, and build unique business opportunities;
- To become the partner of choice for veterinary professionals;
- To establish veterinary endorsement that will drive sales and market share across all business channels.

If the above sound familiar, you may need assistance in upskilling your sales team. We can help you with a training specifically designed to address your company needs.

Objectives of the training

Today’s successful sales professionals are dedicated to their clientele. They know their customers, share their successes, and help them work through challenges as strategic partners. These successful sales professionals work to understand their clients’ needs—they devise and deliver solutions through a customer-centric lens.

The Sales Mastery Training offers simple, practical tools and easy-to-apply techniques to sales professionals in order to:
- drastically improve communication with the veterinary customer;
- build trust and credibility with customers;
- systematically identify and analyse customer needs and translate them into business opportunities;
- effectively address customer concerns, manage expectations and handle objections;
- grow sales even in unfavorable economic environments.

This highly interactive training combines classic sales techniques with tools from Neurolinguistic Programming. Practical exercises promote experiential learning, withspecially designed interactive exercises, participation in role play, and group discussions to deepen understanding. By the end of the training, participants should feel confident to apply the new learning.

Results you can expect

A highly skilled, competent and motivated team that will:
- demonstrate enhanced knowledge and confidence in identifying customer needs and handling common objections;
- effectively communicate value from the buyer's perspective;
- create a loyal client base by building customer relationships based on credibility and results;
- produce predictable sales results with an attitude that engages customers.

Structure of the training

Group size: 5-25

Time required

This sales training program is offered in various formats. The most popular is our 2-day interactive training. Contact us for more options.

Ideal for

Novice sales people looking to build a solid foundation, experienced sales people looking to overcome obstacles or challenges, and veteran sales people wishing to sharpen and update their technical skills. All will attain new skills imperative for success in a fast-changing environment and amid growing competition.


All our programs can be tailored to meet your goals and desired outcomes.

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